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Manchester United vs Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League quarterfinals

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Prediksi Manchester United vs Bayern Munchen 02 April 2014Prediksi Man United vs MunchenPrediksi Skor Bola MU vs MunchenLiga Champion Manchester United vs Bayern Munchen – Manchester United are not a very good team. Between their 2-0 loss away to Olympiacos, their 3-0 loss at home to Liverpool over the weekend and their 7th place standing in the Premier League, 18 points off the top, this should not be in dispute. So obviously they're very massive underdogs in the Champions League quarterfinals against Bayern Munich, the defending champions and arguably the best team in the world. But are they better suited to pulling a massive upset than, say, Arsenal?

Man United vs Munchen –While Arsenal and Manchester United both like to keep the ball and pass it around the penalty area against most teams, Arsenal have been doing it forever and are quite good at it, while United don't exactly have a set style and never look like they know who they want to be. So they're a lot like David Moyes' Everton, except obviously with much more talented players. Strangely, that could prove a recipe for success against Bayern, provided he hasn't forgotten how to set a team up in a defensive shell.

The word "could" is used loosely there, since, if this tie was played 10 times, Bayern would probably win eight or nine of them. They're an obviously superior team to United in every single way imaginable. Prediksi Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid But if someone is going to beat them, they're going to pull it off by packing the midfield, defending really well and countering quickly. This isn't rocket science -- it's the best way to beat most teams that prioritize dominating possession -- but a team isn't going to try to play Bayern at their own game and beat them. Especially since their midfielders are the muscle cars to Barcelona's Fiats.

United play the first leg of this tie at home, which is probably good for them and bad for neutrals. It's good for them because they'll have a reasonable chance of scoring first and putting a good result on the board heading into the second leg. It's bad for neutrals because they have to watch 90 minutes of utterly pointless football at the Allianz Arena if United lose.

Manchester United: Michael Carrick - No, not because he's the only English midfielder who knows how to pass or is the heartbeat of the team or anything like that. Carrick is a pretty solid midfielder who is also fairly immobile and prone to disappear in big games, like a Champions League quarterfinal against Bayern Munich. Prediksi AS Roma vs Parma Unless he's always in the right position, frequently winning tackles and starting counter-attacks with passes that both go forward and are accurate, United stand no chance of upsetting Bayern. He's not their best player, but he's their most important player. Mostly because midfielders are important, not because he's criminally underrated.

Bayern Munich: Philipp Lahm - It's very hard to pick out a key player for Bayern Munich because they could drop literally anyone and still be at worst the second best team on earth. But Lahm is always massive for him, no matter where he's playing, and his versatility has been a bigger part of Bayern's success this season than any other quality he possesses. Whether he plays right back or defensive midfield is anyone's guess, but he's going to have a very important job shutting down a key United attacker and helping the team keep possession no matter what. And he's the only player absolutely nailed on to start if he's healthy except for Manuel Neuer.

United's midfield vs. Everyone running at them from everywhere - The current Bayern midfield is everything that's good about Barcelona's midfield and nothing that's bad. They keep the ball just as well, but they're bigger, stronger, more athletic and more direct. They're always moving and just as capable of bulldozing you as they are of playing tiki-taka. United's midfield basically needs to be perfect defensively.

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